27 Jul

SVN Update doesn’t always get new directories

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Problem:  You run “svn update” on a directory where you *know* there are new folders.   Svn tells you “At revision X” where X = whatever the head revision is (i.e., “everything’s up to date!”) – but that new folder didn’t show up. 

This is because the default is for svn to update folders down to the working copy depth: only check for updates in folders that you’ve already got.  New folders beyond that are beyond the depth and won’t be updated.

To get all of those folders, in Tortoise SVN select “SVN Update to Revision”, and change the update depth to “Fully Recursive.”  Or from the command line, “svn update –depth infinity”

[Note: I may have gotten some or all of this completely wrong, this is just my notes as I’m trying to understand how svn is doing what it’s doing.]

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