15 Feb

Segregate your code commits into tiny topical changes.

If your not using source control for your coding projects, get off my lawn. 😛 (#JustHadToSayIt) Now that I’m only reaching people who use source control (serious developers), I’d like to ask that you focus hard to only commit changes that belong to a single topic at a time. Think SRP for code commits/check-ins. What […]

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26 Feb

Boise Code Camp 2011–Introduction to Git

We are having another great Boise Code Camp and once again, I am glad I presented. Git is a DVCS, or distributed version control system, that is gaining popularity in the .NET community. In this session, we will explore: How Git is different from other version control systems (Subversion, Team Foundation Server, Mercurial) Common tools […]

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24 Aug

Visual Studio Team System for Small Teams

There was a recent brouhaha on Twitter and in some blogs about the appropriateness of Team System in small teams. The gist of the discussion was simply that there are a lot of alternatives to TFS and VSTS tooling and many of them come cheaper out of the box. In many cases, free! Duh. I […]

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27 Jul

SVN Update doesn’t always get new directories

Problem:  You run “svn update” on a directory where you *know* there are new folders.   Svn tells you “At revision X” where X = whatever the head revision is (i.e., “everything’s up to date!”) – but that new folder didn’t show up.  This is because the default is for svn to update folders down to […]

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1 Jul

Vault and CruiseControl.NET Error: Working Folder State Problem

This is one of those problems that teaches humility.  I’m posting this here because the solution is a) trivially obvious, any fool could see it and b) I completely overlooked the obvious solution and maybe a google “hint” would have saved me some time. At Blackfin, we use SourceGear Vault and CruiseControl.net. (We’re moving to […]

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27 Sep

Changing Source Control as a Kaizen Event

I often have opportunities to work with organizations in transition to Team Foundation Server for their source control solution. Most large organizations (and many smaller ones) look for a migration route for their source code that allows them to retain history and their current merge/branching model. In heavily regulated environments, this is often a fundamental […]

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