WPF – dynamically compile and run event handlers within loose XAML using CodeDom

Last week I wrote a blog post showing how you can write inline code in XAML.  When that blog post was published, @ElegantCode tweeted the post on Twitter.  Rob Relyea soon re-tweeted that post with a link to one of his own posts on exploring new techniques for DLR script in XAML which also links […]

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Basic JavaScript Part 4: Enforcing New on Constructor Functions

As this is already the fourth blog post using the ?Basic JavaScript? theme, I guess we?re slowly getting a small blog series on our hands. Here are the links to the previous installments: Functions Objects Prototypes In the blog post on objects, I mentioned that there?s a general naming convention for constructor functions, using Pascal […]

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WPF – adding thumbnail buttons to Windows 7 Task Bar

Sometimes when a technology has been out awhile, some features are forgotten about.? With the release of WPF 4 came libraries that allow you, as the developer, to do some pretty cool stuff with the Windows 7 Task Bar, such as create the following features: Thumbnail Buttons Jump Lists Overlay Icons Progress bar icons This […]

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Yes you can write Inline Code in XAML

A couple of days ago I was spreading the WPF goodness and was talking about how MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) helps promote separation of concerns by removing the need for the code-behind file from the associated XAML file.  After my statement someone replied with the following question, “So why even have it there, can you just delete […]

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