I guess an introduction is in order

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First of all let me thank the people at Elegant Code for the invite! I am really honored to be brought into the realm of the awesome bloggers that make up this community. I will do my best to maintain the standards that has been set so far!

So who am I anyway? Good question! Some of you might know me as TheCodeJunkie on Twitter or from my self-titled blog that I have been blogging on up until this point (and might continue doing, haven’t really made up my mind yet what I am going to do with it). However, my real name is Andreas Håkansson and I guess I could describe myself as a nearly 30 year old .NET developer from Sweden, with a passion for pretty much everything in the software engineering / craftsmanship department (hey, why limit yourself to one kind of cake when there’s so much to be had out there!).

I am a strong advocator of Open-Source Software and I head the MEF Contrib project, a set of community contributed extensions, tools and samples for the Managed Extensibility Framework, and I have also created the Common Service Factory, a WCF extension that enabled dependency injection in services (it’s a bit dated, but it works like a charm – probably should give it some love as soon as I can find a slice of spare time in my life).

Oh yeah, there’s more to me than being a code ninjah – somehow I’ve also managed to get married to my high school sweetheart (12 years since we hooked up and still going strong) and together we have two wonderful boys (3 and 1½ years old – boy do they know how to keep us busy hehe)

Well I guess that’s it… now you know a bit about me, and I hope to get to know a bit more about you, the readers of Elegant Code, so please stop by my posts and drop me a line or two. See you there!

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