Welcome Two New Elegant Coders

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I am happy to introduce 2 new Elegant Coders! We are excited to have their contributions to the site and look forward to their wisdom. Kirstin Juhl @kirstinj We are excited to have Kirstin drop wisdom like she has been doing on her current blog: I [heart] Code. From her own bio: I am a […]

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FubuMVC From Scratch – Part 4 Persistence

Previous posts in series: FubuMVC From Scratch Part 1 ? Basic project structure setup FubuMVC From Scratch Part 2 ? FubuMVC configuration and Controller setup FubuMVC From Scratch ? Part 3 (Adding View to project) Persistence is a requirement in virtually every application that we write today, and now the time has come for us […]

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Joining Elegant Code

As David Starr already mentioned, i am now part of the Elegant Code team. It’s an honor to be invited and i’m obviously very happy with this. All of my posts will still be posted to my own blog, as well as on elegantcode.com. And the NHibernate posts will also continue to be cross posted […]

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