21 Mar

Pluralcast 38 : Liam McLennan on JavaScript

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In this episode, Liam McLennan clues us in on why JavaScript is becoming the cool old kid on the block and of course, Kate Gregory lays down some visual Studio Kung Fu.

liam-mclennanLiam McLennan

Liam is a freelance web developer, working mostly with Microsoft tools and technology, based in Brisbane Australia. Since 2006 he has been working with local startups, developing web-based products. Prior to his startup projects Liam spent 5 years in corporate IT.

Liam frequently presents at conferences and user groups, both locally and internationally, on topics related to software quality and programming languages. He blogs about software development at HackingOn.net.

When not programming for fun or profit Liam likes to spend time outdoors; sailing, hiking or climbing mountains.

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Kate?s Visual Studio Kung Fu