Pluralcast 43 : Jeremy Miller on Automated Web Testing

Listen to this episode! [56:58] Jeremy Miller shares the way automated web testing is done at Dovetail software and guess what! It?s cooler than you might think. That?s no surprise given Jeremy?s track record. Jeremy is the Chief Software Architect at Dovetail Software. He is the author of the open source StructureMap tool for Dependency […]

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The value of open-source is the vision not the source code

It seem that every 3-5 month or so, the discussion on the state of the .NET open-source community flairs up. Some say it’s a dead horse being beaten, other that it’s a vibrant, thriving community. Sound familiar? Who cares?! Seriously, who cares? The right thing to do in either case is the exact same thing; […]

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Free Prism Training Event in Boise

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Boise developers are in for a treat. There is a free (as in beer) training event coming in June.  This is your chance to learn Prism, Unity, WPF & MVVM from members of the patterns and practices team themselves. I understand that ElegantCode’s own Brian Lagunas will also be there on hand if (like me) […]

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Pluralcast 41 : Tiberiu Covaci on Asynchronous ASP.NET

 Listen to this episode! [35:01] Tibi joins us on this episode to tell us about some little-known features in ASP.NET, support for asynchronous operations. This terribly handy technique has been with us for several editions of ASP.NET, so odds are that you can start taking advantage of it today, regardless of the .NET version your […]

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