Nancy on Hanselminutes and the awesome community behind it

A week ago I was invited to participate in he Hanselminutes postcast by Scott Hanselman to talk about Nancy and Micro Web Framework. The recording for episode #270 can be found at Nancy, Sinatra and the Explosion of .NET Micro Web Frameworks with Andreas Håkansson I had a great time talking to Scott, who is […]

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The value of open-source is the vision not the source code

It seem that every 3-5 month or so, the discussion on the state of the .NET open-source community flairs up. Some say it’s a dead horse being beaten, other that it’s a vibrant, thriving community. Sound familiar? Who cares?! Seriously, who cares? The right thing to do in either case is the exact same thing; […]

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Castle Windsor vs writing your own

Earlier this week I was in a meeting were someone stated that it was better to write your own IOC container than just using an existing one (the most excellent Castle Windsor in this case). I was just baffled to hear such statements. The argument for writing your own container was simplicity and the learning […]

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Open Source Licensing for .Net Portal Frameworks

I am currently casting about for at open source web portal frameworks written in .Net. I would like my first concern to be the architecture of the UI plug-in modules, security providers, and data models. Unfortunately, it looks like my first concern must first be the license model of the software. To be fair, I am looking […]

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ReSharper Unit Testing

Although there are attempts to make it work, ReSharper does not support using MSUnit as the unit testing framework within its unit testing support.  Although I appreciate NUnit and the functionality advantages it has over MSUnit, it does seem an oversight to not support it in a product that is meant to ease the lives of the […]

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