13 Jun

Pluralcast 44 : Joe Hummel on High Performance Computing

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Although writing code for multi-core is a great step for most of us, Dr. Joe has been living life with thousands of cores for a long time. In this episode Joe introduces us to life in real high performance environments.

Dr. Joe Hummel

imageJoe is an author, consultant and tenured professor of Computer Science, specializing in Microsoft technologies since 1992. He has a PhD in Computer Science from the U. of California, Irvine (Optimizing Compilers for Parallel Computing), and is well-versed in the Microsoft platform. This includes Microsoft’s High-Performance Computing initiative (Windows HPC Server 2008, MPI, SOA, Excel, Azure), multicore technologies (TPL, PPL, OpenMP), web technologies (ASP.NET and AJAX), the desktop (WinForms and WPF), LINQ, and languages (C++, C#, F# and VB).

Joe has co-authored two books on Windows development, hosted more than 60 MSDN webcasts, and taught courses worldwide. Joe works for Pluralsight LLC, the U. of California, Irvine, and as a private consultant. When he?s not working, Joe is an avid sailor, residing in the Chicago area with his wife and daughter.

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