Exploring CoffeeScript Part 2 – Variables and Functions

As I mentioned in the previous blog post, CoffeeScript is a neat little language that compiles down to JavaScript code. Its syntax is heavily inspired by Ruby and next to bringing a lot of nice language features to the table, it also requires less amount of code than writing the equivalent directly in JavaScript. For […]

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Book Review: Hands-on Node.js

Last week, I finished reading Hands-on Node.js written by Pedro Teixeira. I very much enjoyed reading this concise introduction to Node.js, and although it’s targeted towards beginners, I certainly managed to pick up a few nuggets myself here and there. After the obligatory introduction, the first chapter opens up with an explanation of why Node.js […]

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Pluralcast 45 : Mario Cardinal on Agile Architecture

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 Listen to this episode [38:51] Mario Cardinal spends a lot of time thinking through the nuances of system architecture and agile software development. He joins us on the Pluralcast to talk about his ideas around agile architectures and tracing system architecture back into requirements. Mario is a Microsoft ALM MVP, host of the Visual Studio […]

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Nancy view cache, now disabled in debug-mode

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A quick heads up. In Nancy 0.6.0 we introduced a change that made the application scan, for all available views, and cache them upfront. While this is good for performance, because it reduces view loading time and limits I/O operations, it does pose a slight nuance then you are creating you view. Because of the […]

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Why Software Development Will Never be Engineering

I always find it rather interesting when academics try to quantify generalized metrics about software development. Things like: per lines of code, there will be X number of bugs. Statements like: it has been empirically proven that “blah” affects the development of software in some way “blah.” These are all interesting thoughts, but software development […]

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Exploring CoffeeScript Part 1 – And Then There Was Coffee

Those of you who have been reading this blog lately know that I?m quite enthusiastic when it comes to JavaScript. As the common behavioral language of the web, JavaScript has been making its way into other aspects of application programming over the last couple of years, notably with server-side frameworks like Node.js and NoSQL databases […]

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