Exploring CoffeeScript Part 4 – Objects and Classes

For this blog post, we?re going to continue our journey through the wonderful world of CoffeeScript, exploring objects and classes. Also make sure to check out the previous installments: And Then There Was Coffee Variables and Functions More on Functions Objects Most of us have know how the object literal notation looks like using plain […]

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StatLight 1.4 and almost 1.5

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It?s been a while since I blogged about any updates to the StatLight project and even though people are saying ?SilverLight?s dead? I?d have to say there?s been more community contribution in the last few months to the project than there?s ever been. What is StatLight? For those of you who don?t know, it?s a […]

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Exploring CoffeeScript Part 3 – More on Functions

For this blog post we?re going to continue where we previously left off, talking a bit more about functions in CoffeeScript. Let?s get things started by talking a bit about function scope. Function scope Like Ruby, CoffeeScript uses lexical scope. This means that a variable that is declared inside a function is invisible to outside […]

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