14 Jul

StatLight 1.4 and almost 1.5

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It?s been a while since I blogged about any updates to the StatLight project and even though people are saying ?SilverLight?s dead? I?d have to say there?s been more community contribution in the last few months to the project than there?s ever been.

What is StatLight?

For those of you who don?t know, it?s a simple little command line tool you can use to execute tests for SilverLight test projects. You can get some more information on the project at the project?s home page and documentation page.


Release of StatLight 1.4

It?s been several months since I posted the 1.4 release of StatLight. It was full of all kinds of goodies. Go checkout the release page to see what updates were included.

There was a regression introduced with this release that caused U.I. tests in TeamCity to not report correctly. It?s since been fixed and you can use the CodeBetter TeamCity server to pull down the latest build of StatLight if you need this fix. If you hit the login page, just click on the login as a guest link to access the TeamCity builds.


Release of StatLight 1.5 (soon, maybe, sometime)

imageIf you are interested in what is to come with the next release, you can head over to the ?planned? tab and check out some of the new features.

But I?ll write about some of them here anyway Smile with tongue out


Community Contribution.

xUnitContrib Test Runner

I?d like to say thanks to Remo Gloor for his contribution of the official xUnitContrib Silverlight test runner. Remo created a StatLight runner host that leverages the xUnitcontrib Silverlight test runner to execute xUnit tests. This provides some great xUnit support and is considerably faster than the xUnitLight adapter originally implemented.


Growl Plugin

Geir-Tore Lindsve leveraged the new extensibility model recently added to StatLight to create a plugin that would notify Growl of failing tests. You can check out the project at https://github.com/lindsve/Statlight.Growl


ReSharper 6

ReSharper support has been around for a while now with the AgUnit project. I was recently contacted by Steven Kock who wanted to see if it were possible to dump his custom Silverlight Test runner and leverage StatLight. I?ve been working with him on this, and am really excited about the value add we get from having Steven push StatLight around. Looking forward to his suggestions, and who knows ? we may get some much better performance out of StatLight. Even though it?s still under dev, I?m just stoked can?t say how awesome it was to open up a Silverlight test project and execute a single test by using my R# shortcut.