7 Mar

Windows 8 Tinkering

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I have been running Windows 8 Consumer Preview since it dropped, and I was running the Developer Preview before that. I was doing this on the metal of my X220T Lenovo.

I gotta say, I dig it. I am not going into individual features or anything like that yet. Just sayin, I dig it. The whole Windows 8 experience is growing on me.

I am playing with a metro JS / HTML app, and I am digging that too! In VS11 Beta, of course. Okay, man. Haters gonna hate, but I like these products. I bought the X220T in anticipation of playing with the touch experience, and that likely biases me a lot. The metro apps are actually useful for me.

And I can mount ISOs without downloading anything.

And it has airplane mode now (even though I have a physical wifi switch) which is just cool.

And I am making a Windows 7 USB boot drive with it while I write this post (only marginally interesting).