6 Dec

Easily set Visual Studio keyboard bindings with the Nuget Package Manager Console

After a fresh install of Visual Studio, I often re-configure some options and setup keyboard bindings. This tends to be a bit of a pain as each and every time I have to remember what setting is in what U.I. configuration pane and how do I find/configure that again? I also will often forget about […]

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30 Nov

Visual Studio Light Edition

I noticed this blog post from Scott Hanselman the other day about Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows Desktop. This post included a screenshot from the installation program. Something that really took me by the throat is this: Notice that the Express edition of Visual Studio seems to require no less than 4.15 GB of […]

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8 Nov

What’s on your software bucket list?

One of my favourite drinking topics with fellow geeks right now is a software bucket list.   What are the things that you would love to write before the end of your career.  No limits.  Write a list and compare with others.  This makes a great interview question too.  Forget ‘learning android’ or JavaScript.  What are […]

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