4 Jul

Introduction to NancyFX on Pluralsight

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Earlier this week, Pluralsight published my first course, Introduction to Nancy. The Nancy framework, or NancyFX for short, is a web framework started by fellow Elegant Coder Andreas?H?kansson?(@thecodejunkie).?I feel very fortunate to have had?Andreas and Steven Robbins?(@grumpydev)?available to provide feedback on the course content.

Some may wonder why I chose to create a NancyFX course…

The short answer is: I love this framework!

You may have seen me speak at the Boise and Portland Code Camps, as well as Boise user groups. If you have, you know that?I love to show-and-tell open-source technology I am using to solve real problems. NancyFX is a framework that I have the privilege of working with almost everyday with much success. Therefore, I want to ensure that this framework is seen as equal to, if not better than, the offerings of Microsoft (WebForms and MVC). Pluralsight is a trusted resource that is?incumbent in many organizations and I hope to infect viewers with some verve for alternatives.

In the course, I show the basics of working with the Nancy framework, including modules and routes, the bootstrapper, view engines, and testing.

If you have a Pluralsight subscription, please take a look.

If not, you still have some great resources available, including:

4 thoughts on “Introduction to NancyFX on Pluralsight

  1. Hello I’m a PS monthly subscribe user.

    Could you upload the source code on somewhere(github, bitbucket, etc)?It’s hard to follow the demo videos without code.
    (especially, Extending Nancy Modules chapter demo part, repository class)

  2. Thanks mate. Exercise Files can be access only Plus member(monthly, annual). Unfortunately, I’m not a plus member. I thought the exercise files is more than sample same code. Yesterday, I saw all videos. Your explanation for Nancy concept is easy to understand. 

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