Taking Baby Steps with ScriptCS

I?ve been following the ScriptCS project with great interest over the last couple of months. As you may know by now, I?ve been searching for a more lightweight .NET development experience for quite some time. The ScriptCS project is here to fulfill this desperate need. Driven by the open-source .NET community, this wonderful initiative promises […]

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How do you know if you can take your open-source project to the next level?

693 days ago (wow), just shy of two years, I typed git push upstream master into Git Bash and pushed out the first public code of Nancy. Since then, and thanks to the fantastic response that we given by the .NET community, it’s been what I’ve spent the majority of my personal coding time on. […]

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Introduction to NancyFX on Pluralsight

Earlier this week, Pluralsight published my first course, Introduction to Nancy. The Nancy framework, or NancyFX for short, is a web framework started by fellow Elegant Coder Andreas?H?kansson?(@thecodejunkie).?I feel very fortunate to have had?Andreas and Steven Robbins?(@grumpydev)?available to provide feedback on the course content. Some may wonder why I chose to create a NancyFX course… […]

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Nancy : Now with Mono builds on every commit

We?ve always tried to make sure that Nancy being able to run on Mono for every new release we put out. Since neither me or @Grumpydev use Mono or MonoDevelop as our primary development environment, nor does a lot of our contributors, we?ve always found ourselves having to play ?mono-catch-up? at the end of each […]

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A NancyFx Content-Negotiation Extension

You have probably already heard about Nancy, the web framework created by Elegant Code?s own Andreas H?kansson. Andreas and Steven Robbins, custodians of the Super-Duper-Happy-Path, have coordinated the evolution of the framework that I have come to very-much appreciate. My coworkers and I have been working on a new API for our products, and Nancy […]

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Nancy v0.10.0 – The next step in awesome

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TL;DR A couple of days ago we (finally) managed to get v0.10.0 out of the door and it’s packed of goodies! Diagnostics, razor improvements, bug fixes, weighted request headers, model validation and lots of tweaks to existing features are only a couple of things that went into this release. The community continue to bless us […]

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