24 Oct

Family vNext

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For readers of this blog, it is not news that my family uses agile-inspired practices to manage our responsibilities and commitments to each other. Plenty of other families are doing the same, and creating their families as learning organizations. Many people tell me, ?We?ve been doing things like that in our family, too!? And yet, there is no real tag for having conversations about this idea. After all, agile is a non-significant term for most people.

Going a step further, Elle and I sat down and actually quantified the basic framework of what we do in our home. Borrowing heavily from Scrum, the basic model we call Family vNext is shown below.


Because we would love to learn from others and hear your stories, we?ve created a Google Group for discussions on this topic.

What have you learned from work that helped you at home? After all, what works at work works because it works, not because you?re at work Smile.

The following domains now resolve to the Family vNext Google group. Jump in!