Starting the New Year with Less

I would like to make a more concerted effort to post a bit more. Not necessarily huge, rambling tomes of articles, but short and meaningful drips of things I learn, experience, and encounter along my professional path.

So, first things first! I am starting the new year with an old technology purge. This is actually taking longer than I’d thought because of all the unidentifiable cords, power adapters, and other detritus that’s piled up in my office over the years. The three things I did manage to accomplish yesterday were to:

  1. Admit my old Windows Home Server adds no value and put it on the “take to e-cycling” shelf in the garage. I pulled all photos from it, out them up in my personal OneDrive, and pulled the plug.
  2. Gather together all my old cords, mice with wires, some mice without wires, 4G thumb drives, and other do-dads. Those still need to be sorted so I can put most of that pile on the “take to e-cycling” pile, too.
  3. Pull all my old books I will no longer receive value in owning from my shelves. Put them in a box and was pretty stunned at how much it weighs. I guess I’ll donate these to Goodwill or something, but below is a picture of my first real book purge.

Book Purge

I hope this is a good start to the year.

What can you purge from your life that would make things feel lighter for you?

One thought on “Starting the New Year with Less”

  1. Getting rid of old books is definitely something I should, and will do. I’m living in a one room apartment and I’m running out of space to put my boardgames ;-). Cleaning out the shelves is actually a task that I had already put on my todo list for this weekend :D.

    This would be the start of my stuff purge. The bigger task would be to clean up the basement. I think seeing more space there would make a huge difference in terms of feeling lighter. There is a lot of smaller stuff that I inherited or collected over the years and am reluctant to let go, but if I’m honest it will be unlikely that I will use it soon, if at all.

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