Segregate your code commits into tiny topical changes.

If your not using source control for your coding projects, get off my lawn. 😛 (#JustHadToSayIt) Now that I’m only reaching people who use source control (serious developers), I’d like to ask that you focus hard to only commit changes that belong to a single topic at a time. Think SRP for code commits/check-ins. What […]

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Format your .Net exceptions to see the StackTrace.

TL;DR Check out a dinky little Exception Message Beautifier site I threw together so you can quickly format .net exception messages and easily see the StackTrace.   Go to the site: CLICK HERE   Background Over the years, I?ve worked on projects where application exceptions were saved to a SQL database. When querying the logs […]

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Convert an existing WinJS app to use TypeScript

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I recently published a little sample project up in the ToTypeScriptD github organization that walks through converting a new Windows 8 WinJS application to TypeScript. It’s intended to show some of the basic first steps it takes to convert a project over to TypeScript and also how you can leverage ToTypeScriptD to help automatically generate […]

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