9 Sep

Mapping a Route with Directions using the Bing Maps WPF Control (Beta)

So far we have built an earthquake application, mapped an address using geocoding, and even Prism-fied the Bing Maps WPF control.  Now let’s see how to map a route with turn-by-turn directions.  By now it should be no surprise that you will need to complete the following steps before you can create this application. Get […]

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31 Aug

Prism-fy the Bing Maps WPF Control (Beta)

If you know me or know of me you are aware that I am a big Prism advocate/evangelist.  You may have also noticed that I have been playing around with the new Bing Maps WPF control.  So it shouldn’t surprise you that I would find a way to compose a Bing Map of loosely coupled […]

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26 Aug

Build an Earthquake Application with Bing Maps WPF Control (Beta)

Recently you may have noticed that the Bing Maps team released a WPF Map control which is currently in Beta.  In light of the recent earth quake on the east coast of the United States, I thought an earthquake application would be a great way to become familiar with the Map control.  There are a […]

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