On Strategy and Leadership

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From Stephen Vincent Benet’s free-verse poem, John Brown’s Body, published in 1928. If you take a flat mapAnd move wooden blocks upon it strategically,The thing looks well, the blocks behave as they should.The science of war is moving live men like blocks.And getting the blocks into place at a fixed moment.But it takes time to […]

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Answers on Software Wellness

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A few days ago I posted a presentation entitled Counting to Zero, A Software Wellness Program for Iterative Development Teams.  We are implementing this program in my workplace, and I have had questions worthy of open discussion. In order for these questions to have context, I recommend you watch the presentation. Question #1 Shouldn’t teams be incented […]

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Counting to Zero : Software Wellness Screencast

Are you in development team that works in iterations on multiple software products?  Have you noticed that some of your software doesn’t get the attention to quality it needs?  Are your defect counts growing along with your velocity? My first screen cast, Counting to Zero, A Software Wellness Program for Iterative Software Development Teams, is now available as […]

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Don’t Use Risky Mock Data

Scenario 1 The Scrum team is ending a 3 week iteration developing a custom CRM for your company.  Despite the fact that no one should be writing yet another CRM, the team is excited to show the shiny new forms in Sprint Review.  The one developer who can be cajoled into speaking opens the application and the AJAX-enabled […]

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How Much Did You Code Last Week?

Each month am privileged to have an early breakfast with a group of very senior developer types, as the Boise Software Architecture Group.  I enjoy the sincere dialog and earnest debate.  ORM mapping seems to be a hot topic lately, along with measuring code quality, Agile methodologies, and VSTS.  Few of us are exclusively developers anymore, sharing titles like Manager, […]

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Want My Job?

There is something very odd about seeing my own job advertised for active recruitment.  I have been Director of Core Engineering Services for Healthwise in Boise, Idaho, for several years now.  I have recently been honored to accept a position as Chief Architect for Healthwise and I will assume those duties as soon as Healthwise finds […]

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