The Future of .NET

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That’s the title of the latest .NET Rocks episode. No big deal, just one of the better podcast episodes out there. Microsoft, are you listening? Maybe you should put your chairman on a stage on one of your next big developer conferences, screaming out maintainability, maintainability, maintainability! Let the ASP.NET MVC framework be your first […]

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Backlog estimation photos

Over the years my company has acquired several companies products which do the same thing, in different technologies. They are all aging and becoming very difficult to maintain (gross understatement here). My current project is taking “like” functionality out of the products and creating a new platform in order to migrate our customer base and […]

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Entity Framework Blogroll

For anyone who’s looking for more info on the Entity Framework, EDM, Astoria The Ado.Net Blog The Forum Danny Simmons Colin Meek Jaroslaw Kowalski Ju-Yi Kuo’s blog Alex James Zlatko Michailov OakLeaf Systems Andy Conrad (Astoria) Pablo Castro? (Astoria) Julie Lerman (EF, 3.5, Astoria, Silverlight, Blend) Mike Taulty? (EF, 3.5, Astoria, Silverlight, Blend)

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MVC at Boise NetDug Tomorrow Night

Anyone in the Boise area can come out and get a taste of the new ASP.Net MVC framework from Microsoft. I will be doing an hour or so on the MVC framework at the local .Net users group. Following the MVC talk, Martin Danner will be doing an hour or so on the fresh new […]

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How Many Developers Does It Take to Send Spam?

Apparently, several. I am the 2008 director for Boise Code Camp and I found myself needing to send email to 400 people from our mailing list to tell them about the upcoming Code Camp. I sent an inquiry to our Code camp online group asking the simple question, “How would you send 400 emails?” The […]

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