2 Feb

Fearless Change: Patterns for Introducing New Ideas by Mary Lynn Manns

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Patterns aren’t just for software development.  In fact, any tool that one can repeatedly apply to effectively solve a recurring problem can be termed a pattern.  This book effectively describes tried and proven patterns for introducing new ideas to an organization.  Although it may seem formulaic, remember that successful formulas are the point of the book.

Driving positive organizational change is difficult, but sometimes having the change actually occur is even harder.  With that in mind, realize this is a powerful book.  Take it from someone with the chops to say this with authority; Be careful what you ask for.  Be sure before you start applying the techniques in Fearless Change that the idea you are pimping is a good one.  The techniques in here will very likely work.

That said, this book will be remedial for many of you MBA types, but for us nerds-from-the-trenches who now find ourselves emerging as organizational leaders, this book is gold.  It is gold, baby.  Fearless Change details concrete ways to lead from positions of power and positions of low influence.  Techniques offered vary from the simplicity of organizing brown bags to forming a genuine advocacy group to using others to drive your own ideas.

Whether we like it or not, influencing others is a significant part of our own professional success.  This book breaks down the techniques that we need to drive change in simple ways that the socially defunct developer in us can understand.