4 Feb

Treo 700w

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About one year ago, I began using a Black Berry as my primary cell phone.  I fell in love with always having my calendar and email at my fingertips.  While the Black Berry was completely functional and has survived more than its fair share of abuse, it felt like the AOL of mobile devices.  Fine for my mom, but give me something a little more sophisticated, you know?

Introducing my new Treo 700W. Woooo Hoooo!  This thing is awesome!

I am now able to take voice memos, listen to podcasts, use Instant Messenger, reasonably use a blue tooth headset, and (oh yeah) make a phone call with one device.

The interface of Windows Mobile and the integration of Office Mobile is so clean that I can use it without the stylus if I have must.  I cannot believe I have lived this long without a device like this.  I do have to say though, that if you can get through your day without a similar device I envy you.  I had 2 days last week that I came it at 8:00, but didn’t turn on my laptop until after 1:00.  That’s a typical day of meetings for me and I need something like the Treo to get me from one place to another without missing an appointment.

The only 2 downers so far:

  1. To listen to podcasts, I have to use a wired single ear phone mike/headset.  This is because there is no standard headphone jack on the device.  I’d really like a way to listen with both ears :).  It’s a fair trade for everything else.
  2. The battery life could be better.  With heavy use, I can kill this battery during the course of a day, so I will order an 1800mAh aftermarket battery next week.

All in all, I love this thing.