13 Nov

WCSF Bundles

One of the main things the Web Client Software Factory has done in their latest efforts is target "brownfield" development environments. Many members of the advisory board communicated the factory approach was just not an option, as they had an existing code base too large to refactor in order to adapt to the architecture guidance set forth in V1. This didn’t mean however they were not interested in using deliverables from P&P.

The solution was to come up with bite size chunks, or "Bundles" which can be used independent of one another which do not require a huge understanding or investment in "The Factory" at all. Here is the definition of a bundle from the codeplex page:

A Guidance Bundle is a small package of guidance whose purpose is to allow users to quickly, conveniently, and easily learn and evaluate a concept.
Although a Bundle can contain any type of guidance, it typically includes the following elements:

  • Source code: QuickStarts and related artifacts.
  • Binaries: Application block binaries required by the QuickStarts .
  • Written documentation: QuickStarts description and How-To topics.
  • Guidance Package: Visual Studio Automation for performing development activities in accordance with our guidance.
  • Reference Implementation: Applications that illustrate usage of our guidance in action.

The bundles include guidance for many of the common web challenges such as live search, autocomplete, validation and composability. You can find the bundle catalog here.