Taming that client-side javascript mess with Backbone.js–Boise Code Camp session materials

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I had a blast presenting on Backbone.js at Boise Code Camp this weekend. Thanks to all who attended! I received a lot of positive feedback and as such will be presenting the same talk at the Boise Web Technologies Group Thursday, April 26, 2012, 6:00 PM. RSVP here Slides & Source http://bit.ly/bcc12_backbonejs Blog post Resources […]

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Entity Framework 5 Beta 1 Available on NuGet

Entity Framework 5 beta is now available on nuget. EF5 includes many long awaited features which were dependent on the .NET framework 4.5 such as Spatial Data types, Enum support and Table-Valued functions. EF5 also includes significant performance improvements. You will need Visual Studio 11 in order to work with EF5, however EF 4.3.1 was […]

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Entity Framework 4.3 Released (Migrations)

The EF team has released Entity Framework 4.3 which contains a fully supported version of Migrations. I have been using migrations in my projects since the Alpha 2 bits and would encourage EF Code First?ers to make the investment if they haven?t already. You can get EF 4.3 by installing the latest version of the […]

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