21 Nov

Free Copy of Visual Studio 2008 Pro

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If you live in the Boise or south western Idaho area, you can get a free copy of Visual Studio 2008 Pro. How? By attending this event, the VS2008 Install Fest.


The deal is, you show up at Overland Park Cinemas in Boise on the afternoon of December 6th and install VS2008 and you get a licensed copy for free. Weird, huh?

Who am I to question? I’ll be there with every machine in my family and most of my neighbors. I know how to use eBay :).

Kidding! See you there.

One thought on “Free Copy of Visual Studio 2008 Pro”

  1. The Wisconsin .NET Users Group has a similar VS2008 Install Fest on Dec. 11th, 2007. The event actually reached it’s max capacity in 3.5 hours; I would guess that this one in Boise may have filled up quickly too.

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