15 Jan


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I have the most awesome dog in the world. Butters is a fat little 10 month old English Bulldog.

Poor little Butters also has occasional gastrointestinal distress issues. To put it frankly, she gets gassy after eating certain foods. In confirmation of this, I just received the following email from my wife. It is uncensored.


PLEASE quit feeding the dog like you did last night.


I came down stairs from having a shower and spent 10 minutes looking for the poo pile.  There was no pile, but she has stunk up the whole bottom floor of the house.  It’s actually gross.

So, please don’t feed her that much meat, or you’re taking her to work.



4 thoughts on “Butters

  1. David,
    We have a 7 month old Bulldog pup [Daisy], and she is the same way! My wife called me at work the other day, and she couldn’t clean up the mess without throwing up. She had to leave it for me. It was my fault anyhow, because I fed her too much. One tip-make sure you get her spayed before she goes into heat. We missed getting her fixed by 2 weeks before she went into heat, and the stench was horrific. She’s a great dog, though with a fun and loving personality. We love her very much.

  2. To say that Butters has “occassional” gastro-intestinal issues is like saying the sun occassionally comes up.

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