14 Mar

MSDN Mag March 2008 Issue: Must Have!

OK, this is new for me.  I want to tell every .Net developer out there to get the March edition of the MSDN Magazine (available at bookstores last I checked), or download all of the articles.  I am considering this edition a must have.

Getting started, read the last topic:

{ End Bracket }: What is ALT .NET?

Jeremy D. Miller explains the motivation behind the ALT .NET movement. Jeremy D. Miller

Next read the Toolbox:

Toolbox: Easy Web Debugging, Extending Reflector, and More

This month, a better design-time experience for Web apps, Scott Guthrie’s blog, extending Extend Lutz Roeder’s Reflector, and more. Scott Mitchell

Then go after the main topics:

ASP.NET MVC: Building Web Apps without Web Forms

Chris Tavares explains how the ASP.NET MVC Framework’s Model View Controller pattern helps you build flexible, easily tested Web applications. Chris Tavares

Loosen Up: Tame Your Software Dependencies for More Flexible Apps

James Kovacs explains the dark side of tightly coupled architectures, why they’re hard to test and how they limit adaptation. He then proposes a number of solutions. James Kovacs

CI Server: Redefine Your Build Process with Continuous Integration

Jay Flowers demonstrates how to set up and use a Continuous Integration server using both discrete tools and the more comprehensive CI Factory solution. Jay Flowers

Performance: Find Application Bottlenecks with Visual Studio Profiler

We will introduce you to the Visual Studio Profiler by walking through a sample performance investigation, pinpointing code inefficiencies in some sample applications. Hari Pulapaka and Boris Vidolov

The only disappointment I have with this edition is that there isn’t anything by Dino Esposito.  That is just to prove you can’t have everything.

2 thoughts on “MSDN Mag March 2008 Issue: Must Have!

  1. Actually, it makes total sense to me that there’s no Dino in this issue. Most of the times I find that his articles are too superficial and bare regurgitations of the MSDN documentation.

  2. Sergio,

    I agree with you, but at the same time it is kind of like not seeing your best friend when you had arranged to out together with a group. Your sad not to see him, but you’ll probably have fun anyway.

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