22 Mar

Reflector Screen cast

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OK, here it is: my first screen cast.  It is a short video on how to use Reflector.  Let the heckling begin!

Anyway, if you are a .Net developer and don’t already have Reflector, get it immediately.  The only thing it will cost you is a one-time download.

Also, like I said, this is my first screen cast — don’t be kind.  I want to know how to improve.  I’ll take any criticism aside from “you suck” and “change the sound of your voice”. 

Things I learned doing this: getting an opening statement ready and a small script together is key.  If you’ve ever seen one of my presentations you know I rarely script anything, preferring to just wing it.  Also, my microphone picks up EVERYTHING!  The background voice are my kids.  I need to learn how to use Audacity and filter that out…or buy a better microphone.

Download it

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