4 Apr

Demonstrating WCF: Beyond the endpoints

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Yesterday evening, some team members and myself went to a session about Demonstrating WCF: Beyond the endpoints. The speaker was nobody less than Juval Lowy of IDesign. I’m not particular a newbie when it comes to WCF (although this post lets you believe otherwise), I really had a nice time. It’s very clear that Juval is a trained speaker. However, the overall message of WCF as a silver bullet didn’t quite catch on to me. Juval is a really smart guy. Therefore, he should know better :-). There are no silver bullets and no universal truths. I must admit that Microsoft did a remarkable job with the first version of WCF. One would almost believe that Scott Gu had something to do with it. But at the end of the road, WCF is one of the many tools in a developers tool bag. Tools can only take you that far but not to the end.  Again, I had a really nice time. Kudos to the Belgian Visual Studio User Group.

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