My VSTO Presentation

On Monday I was privileged to participate in the Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 product launch by presenting a session on VSTO with Microsoft Architect Evangelist, Bruce Kyle. This is a fairly light presentation intended to introduce some new C# language features, VSTO integration features, SharePoint 2007 work flows, Office extension projects for Visual Studio, and […]

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New Date and Time types in SQL Server 2008

I’ve been going through some of the new language features in SQL Server 2008.   The easiest to find are the new HierarchyID, sparse data columns, and brand spanking new date and time types. I’m just going to (briefly) discuss the date and time types. Start with new Date and Time types.  Not DateTime, or SmallDateTime […]

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Mr. P is blogging

I finally managed to convince my colleague and partner in crime Patrick De Boeck to start blogging. Patrick is an external consultant and one of the members of the team I’m working with on a security project. Besides that, he’s a very smart guy. Warm up your feed reader and subscribe to his blog.

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MS Developer Goodness in Boise on Monday

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MS is hosting a full day of 2008 product launch activities tomorrow down at the Grove in Boise. Along with many others, Rich Hundhausen and myself, are presenting some sessions on new features and tools available in Visual Studio 2008. Being the new kid on the block for doing these MSDN launches, I kinda got […]

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Alt.Net Seattle – Takeaway<DDDD>().Video

This last weekend (yes, a week ago I know) at Alt.Net I had the opportunity to convene a session on DDDD.  (which was also joined with Event Driven Architecture and one other messaging related topic) The open spaces format makes it easy for whoever is there, to talk about whatever they want. DDDD, or distributed […]

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