3 Aug

In Toronto for Agile 2008

I drove from Boise to Seattle yesterday to drop off my 4 kids at the grandparents house, then I got up at 4 this morning to catch a plane. Now, I am in Toronto and am really impressed! This place is cool!img019

There was a street festival in full swing when my friend Ken and I went walking and looking for dinner. Check this picture out: Real break dancers. Seriously, it?s like 1986! Awesome.

I gotta hand it to my buddy. He passed up a limo ride with Mary Poppendieck to come ride to the hotel with me. Now, that?s a real friend :)!

I will be up late tonight polishing my presentation for Thursday, TDD Clinic- .Net and C#.

If you are at the conference this week, watch for me and please say hello. I?d love to meet you!

As always, watch the blog for my session notes as I experience the conference.