Book Review: Agile Principles, Patterns and Practices in C#

I already had this book lying around on my desk for about 2 years now. Boy, am I a douche bag for no reading it sooner. I welcome this book into my personal hall of fame. The first section contains some basic introductions to Agile, XP, Agile planning, Testing and Refactoring. Mostly basic stuff if […]

Read More for NHibernate

I say this on the NHibernate forum this morning from Dario Quintana: I’m very proud to announce the NHibernate community Site: http://www.nhforge.orgThis site is will be maintained with effort by the community and soon will be available with blogs, wikis, documentation, news and NHibernate, NHibernate, NHibernate. Please, be patient, the first step is made, stay […]

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What’s Wrong with a Data-Driven Approach?

Suppose we are building yet-another-order-basket-application. We have the requirement for adding items to an order, otherwise the business of our entire company falls down and we are losing tons of money (while not overdramatizing things). The code I see popping up over and over again looks something like this: public class DataDrivenService { private Database […]

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Code Cast 12 – Alan Shalloway on Lean

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Alan Shalloway, president of NetObjectives and co-author of “Design Patterns Explained” talks to us about Lean Softweare Development, Software Design Patterns, and the evolving discussion around Agile. This was a great discussion at the Agile 2008 conference in Toronto. Download the episode MP3

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