29 Aug

NHForge.org for NHibernate

I say this on the NHibernate forum this morning from Dario Quintana:

I’m very proud to announce the NHibernate community Site:
This site is will be maintained with effort by the community and soon will be available with blogs, wikis, documentation, news and NHibernate, NHibernate, NHibernate.
Please, be patient, the first step is made, stay tuned.

Now NHForge.org is up and looking very stylish.  You can download NHibernate, read documentation, and see some of the various NHibernate extension projects (Validator, Currow, Mapping Attributes, Caches, Search, and Spatial).

You can combine that with the NHibernate knol that Fabio Maulo set up last week, giving you an NHibernate Wiki’ish thingy, positive things are happening.

Note: a knol is defined by Google as a Unit of Knowledge.  You can see more here.

If the people in charge of NHForge can follow through with there plans this could be a very good thing for NHibernate.

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