5 Nov

Kaizenconf Part 3 – Taking Action

The last day of the conference was all about taking action as a community. Which actions should be taken based on the open-space sessions of the day before? I attended the ESB Patterns session which mostly handled actions for the MassTransit open-source project. Again, the notes of the other “action” sessions are available on the wiki.

I gained a lot of new insights from being at this conference and I realized that I need to learn some more. I know that its kind of early for New Year’s resolutions, but I want to put out a number of actions for myself.

  • Learn more about ESB/integration patterns. Diving into the code of MassTransit and NServiceBus will probably give me more insights.
  • I need to get up to speed on web development really soon. I finally need to be proficient at JavaScript, CSS and jQuery.
  • On the programming language front, I need to get back to Boo and want to add Ruby and F# to my tool belt.
  • I’ve been a fervent user of Castle Windsor for my IoC needs, but I also want to take a look over the fence by leveraging StructureMap because I have the feeling that I’m missing out on some cool stuff.
  • Determining which NHibernate contrib projects can be useful, like NHibernate Search, NHibernate Burrow, NHibernate Caching, etc. ….
  • And last but not least, improving on my development methodologies by learning more about Lean, Kanban, the Toyota Way, etc. …
  • Further improving my DDD and BDD skills.

I know that this is very ambitious, but hey, it’s my list. I hope that I can look back at this post next year while having learned and accomplished most of the items on this list.

I want to round of this post by saying kudos to Scott Bellware, Dave Laribee and all other attendees for a wonderful learning experience.

Also a special thanks to Michael , Conrad and the other guys for driving and letting me and Peter tag along.


I also finally got to meet fellow Elegant Coder Jarod Ferguson and others who I previously only knew by name or blog picture. I really enjoyed it.

Till next time