Marick’s Law

This delightful post from Robert “Uncle Bob” Martin describes with much better sentences what I was trying to express with my latest post Professional Under Pressure. When it comes to code, it never pays to rush. I also need to get myself one of those talking green wrist bands for Christmas :-).

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Team Foundation Build and FinalBuilder

When looking at FinalBuilder and Team Foundation Build side by side, the obvious breakdown in features and advantages looks like this. Team Foundation Build provides a complete build solution with easy integration to other components of Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio Team System. Here is a set of features that detail what integration really […]

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Microsoft FireStarter Events

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Microsoft has certainly been ratcheting up the community involvement over the last few years. In a down economy like this one, free training opportunities suddenly take on even more significance. Local user groups, Code Camps, product release events, and occasional "just because" events all provide opportunities to get together with local developers and maybe add […]

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Genesis: Bridging The Gap Between Requirements And Code

I just read the following post by Robert C. Martin. In it, he says the following: If you can enumerate the states, and events, then you know the number of paths through the system. So if Given/When/Then statements are truly nothing more than state transitions, all we need to do is enumerate the number of […]

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