20 Dec

Life With My Geek – A Tour of the Features

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My geek has been obsessed with getting a new laptop carrier.  And of course, because he’s my geek, not just any carrier would do.  Nope.  He had to obsess, spend time on line, obsess out loud, spend more time on line, and drag me to both Idaho Camera AND Buck’s Bags.  Nothing was quite perfect enough.

He ended up ordering a back pack from Ebags.

Ebags is currently his very most favoritest store.

The package finally arrives, and my geek disappears into his office to privately enjoy his OOBE.  He then shows up in the kitchen looking deliriously happy, and asks the following question:

“Want a tour of my new bag?”

In earnest.  A bag tour.

And then, a few hours later, the geek gave ubernerd boy his old TechFest back pack.  Ubernerd boy shrieks with joy, runs into the kitchen and asks the following question:

“Want to see all the features of my new bag?”

In earnest.

The apple clearly fell very very close to the tree.

3 thoughts on “Life With My Geek – A Tour of the Features

  1. OK, now you gotta tell us what model exactly he ordered, so we can go through all the features, ponder the pros and cons etc

  2. I went through something similar. but mine had to be a WSU bag. Had to have the college logos and everything else.

    I will be back in Boise for a visit this spring. I will give you a tour then :-).

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