28 Dec

Code Cast 18 – Chris Tavares on EntLib, Unity, and More

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Odds are you have used code Chris Tavares had a hand in delivering. Chris is the lead developer on Enterprise Library within Microsoft P&P and he had everything to do with shipping Unity, the IoC container.

Chris was good enough to talk to Jarod Ferguson, Scott Nichols, and me about Unity, P&P, and Enterprise Library. If you aren’t yet using Enterprise Library in your enterprise applications, odds are you will find value in learning more about it.

This discussion delves deep into the future of Enterprise Library and even looks at other projects in P&P like the new Data Access Project.

Show Links

  1. Chris Tavares’s blog
  2. Microsoft Pattern & Practices Team
  3. Enterprise Library
  4. Unity
  5. Martin Fowler’s IOC and DI article
  6. The CodePlex EntLib Contrib Project

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