Code Cast 33 – Jimmy Bogard on AutoMapper

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AutoMapper is one those tools tools that seems to be gaining in popularity lately, generating a lot of talk on the web and at user groups.  Seemed like a good idea to talk with its creator, Jimmy Bogard, and get the run-down on it. In this code case we have Elegant Coders Chris Brandsma and […]

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Code Cast 32 – Tommy Norman

At the Agile 2009 conference in Chicago, I got to meet some great people I?d previously known only in electronic form. Tommy Norman is one of those folks, as he and I have had many conversations on Twitter. Tommy is a System Architect at Compuware in Nashville, TN where focuses on Application Lifecycle Management. He […]

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Code Cast 30 – Story Teller with Jeremy Miller

The venerable Jeremy Miller joined us to talk about YAIJMOSP (Yet Another Impressive Jeremy Miller Open Source Project). This week?s Jeremy project is Story Teller. Jeremy?s other contributions to the community include StructureMap and an obtuse fascination with separation patterns for user interfaces. Story Teller is an alternative for Fitnesse, implemented in .NET and chases […]

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Code Cast 29 – Open Source at Microsoft

Sam Ramji and Peter Galli of Microsoft?s Platform Strategy Group visited with us about the company?s activities in open source software. This glimpse of Microsoft?s heavy involvement in the open source community may surprise you. Sam (Senior Director of Platform Strategy) explains that the open source community within Microsoft is thriving and goes far beyond […]

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