11 Jan

Ethics in Software Development: Craftsmanship over Crap

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Robert C. Martin calls ‘Craftsmanship over Crap’ the fifth principle of the agile manifesto. I’ve been writing a lot on this blog about writing clean code and qualities that every piece of code should have.

Besides writing clean code, we as software professionals should also adhere to a number of qualities as well:

  • We shall act in the best interest of our client/employer, not losing sight of the greater good.
  • We shall deliver products that meet the highest standards possible. We must always do what’s right, under all circumstances.
  • We shall remain independent in our professional judgement. We must never loose our professional integrity.
  • We shall be supportive for the members of our team and encourage them to adhere to the same principles.
  • And last but certainly not least, we shall dedicate our professional lives to continuously improve ourselves and be open to share the knowledge we already gathered. We shall accept that this journey of continuous improvement will never end so that we remain humble and open in order to continue that journey.

Earlier this week, I received my green wristband from Object Mentor.


Whenever I look at that wristband, it reminds me of my commitment to the principles of clean code and ethics of a true software craftsman. Its like physicians who make the Hippocratic Oath. It also reminds me that if I don’t follow these principles, Yoda will kick my @ss :-).

7 thoughts on “Ethics in Software Development: Craftsmanship over Crap

  1. If I’m not mistaken, Uncle Bob initially came up with ‘Quality over crap’. However, this was not in line with the other statements of the Agile Manifesto, that follow the template ‘while there is value of the items on the right side, we value the items on the left side more’. Thus, I think he arrived at ‘quality over execution’.

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