It’s Official – New Gig started last week

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I had intended to make this post last week, but nevertheless, here it is. As I announced exactly a month ago, I have officially started my new job as the Head of Development for CoachesAid is a High School sports website that is expanding rapidly and it is my task to make this expansion happen as smoothly and as quickly as possible.

The past month has been very hectic as I was wrapping up loose ends at my previous engagement. I started my new gig last week, but I have pretty much been building furniture and getting computer and server ready to go. The next few weeks will also be challenging as I start to assemble the team of people that is going to make this all happen.

How does this tie into the practice of Elegant Coding? Funny you should ask that, the current infrastructure they are built on is a maintenance nightmare so project number one is to completely redo their entire site infrastructure in ASP.Net, and yes it will be MVC based, but not ASP.Net MVC. I am going to architect and build their new infrastructure from the ground up on FubuMVC. So expect a lot more posts from me on FubuMVC and I may even have questions for you dear reader.

Side Note: I just finished deploying to production a small scale site built on FubuMVC, and it ROCKS! There is going to be some stuff that needs to be tweaked out and added to the core, but overall, fully functional MVC framework.

I hope I haven’t bored you with too much personal information, but I have to go. (I have several FubuMVC posts stacked up in my queue)


8 thoughts on “It’s Official – New Gig started last week

  1. Hi Ryan,

    Can you tell me why you are looking at FubuMVC and not ASP.NET MVC ? Any reason over choosing the former over latter ? Or you want to be anit-Microsoft in general ?

  2. @Parag, Sure thing. I want several things for my MVC framework,:
    1. No magic strings — FubuMVC is built around One Model In One Model Out and so you have strongly typed ViewModel objects coming in and out of the view.
    2. FubuMVC is a small streamline framework. There is nothing special about how it works or what it needs to run, just .net 3.5 sp1. And I really like that, and the fact that I don’t have to go in to the Asp.Net MVC project and remove or customize all the stuff that I want to work differently for me.
    3. I am a contributor to FubuMVC (shameless plug I know)

  3. Thanks Ryan for your explanation. I just want to make sure it’s not political. As I am not an expert on ASP.NET MVC and not even a beginner on FubuMVC, it was important for me to know 🙂

    I will give FubuMVC a look.

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