11 Mar

Life With My Geek – Uber Nerd Boy and His T-shirt Thing

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As if living with the geek wasn’t odd enough, now we’ve got uber nerd boy following directly in his footsteps.  This weekend nerd boy handed me a large stack of his T-shirts and told me to get rid of them.  The stack was roughly 80% of all the shirts in his drawer.  Why was he casting off nearly all his shirts?  Because nerd boy has decided to wear shirts only if they are software development and computer related.

And he only needed eight.  One for each day of the week, and one extra.

The geek’s heart swells.

Because, as uber nerd boy said, "if he’s going to be a developer, he needs to look the part."

6 thoughts on “Life With My Geek – Uber Nerd Boy and His T-shirt Thing

  1. What exactly are the point of these posts?

    They are neither funny or technical.

    I think you write these and not your wife.

    Is your wife you in a dress?

  2. Yeah, paul, wassup with that?

    I know plenty of people who prefer Elle’s articles to mine. Like, all the other Elegant Coders, for instance.

    To the legions of adoring fans of the “Life With My Geek” series, you can get more of Elle’s writing and great stories on her own blog:


    Her blog doesn’t have the profanity filter applied as I requested for Elegant Code, so you can look forward to that.

  3. @David: I concur ~ Elle is funnier. Mostly because I’m sure my wife identifies.

    Maybe if you worked Butter’s gas into more posts, you could (potentially) have a shot…

    Cheers…and keep ’em coming!

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