Elegant Code Cast Download Issues

Some listeners are reporting download issues for the Elegant Code Cast episodes. Specifically, there are reported incidents of an apparently good download that stops playing midway through the episode. First of all, we apologize profusely for the technical difficulties. Anytime something provides friction like this you are undoubtedly going to vote with your feet and […]

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Agile EntLib Development in Microsoft p&p

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I understand that not all teams behave this way at our favorite platform company, but I think it is important to note trends toward goodness. Guess how the priorities for Enterprise Library 5.0 are being determined. By explicitly sharing and opening the backlog, which is a great thing. The transparency of techniques like this genuinely […]

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Boise Code Camp – Test Driven Development with IOC and Mocks

I had the opportunity to speak about Test Driven Development at the 2009 Boise Code Camp. There was a great turnout and overall I think the talk went over with great success. The session(s) start from the simple concept of Red-Green-Refactor and ?Why TDD?? and builds to more advanced topics like using a mock framework […]

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Experimenting With Fluent Interfaces in the Domain

As you might have guessed from my previous two blog posts, I’ve been experimenting with fluent interfaces lately. I’ve been thinking about passing an expression builder to an aggregate root so that the root entity can use the builder to create a particular child entity. This begs for some code. public class Category : DomainEntity […]

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Book Review: The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich

Yesterday, I finished listening to the 4-Hour Workweek and I really liked it. That’s right, I said ‘listening’ because I have the audio version of the book. While the title does make a bold statement, as a reader (or listener) you have to look through the facade of making lots of money while spending all […]

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About Working With a Shared Database

I just wanted to share this quote that I’ve read while I was skimming through Enterprise Integration Patterns. This paragraph clearly phrases my thoughts about a Shared Database, also because I’ve been confronted with its downsides for quite some time now. One of the biggest difficulties with Shared Database is coming up with a suitable […]

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I should have known that: 3/26/2009

You know what this is going to be about.  Things I should have known about earlier than TODAY! 1. JavaScript: setTimeout(function, milliseconds);  After a specified number of milliseconds the passed in function gets executed. Why I should have known this: useful for un-obtrusive UI design.  Display a message, but instead of making the user close […]

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