8 Jul

The Europe Virtual ALT.NET Blog

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Colin has set up a dedicated blog for the Europe Virtual ALT.NET gatherings. We’ll be posting all announcements, details of recordings and any related stuff to this blog.

If you’re disgusted from your RSS reader, then maybe you’ll want to follow up on the announcements and other stuff via Twitter? We’ve created an account there as well, so if you’d like you can follow here.

2 thoughts on “The Europe Virtual ALT.NET Blog

  1. Thanks for the info, I’m now following both.

    I think a the whole blog/twitter combo is a great way for groups to get up and running quickly and cleanly and to keep members connected.

    I still haven’t made an E-Van (time zones are a challenge being in the U.S. and they’re a little spaced out) but the blog and twitter feeds will help remind me.

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