Exception Logging with EntLib Made Simple

Logging application exceptions is like getting a new muffler. It isn’t exciting. It isn’t very fulfilling. It just costs time and money. Also, it is something that needs to be done. So, can we make exception logging as frictionless as possible? Roll your own logging library. Repeat the same code a lot in your application […]

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SVN Update doesn’t always get new directories

Problem:  You run “svn update” on a directory where you *know* there are new folders.   Svn tells you “At revision X” where X = whatever the head revision is (i.e., “everything’s up to date!”) – but that new folder didn’t show up.  This is because the default is for svn to update folders down to […]

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Generic Expression Builder

I blogged about fluent interfaces and expression builders a couple of times before. For this post, I want to share a base class that I’ve been using for taking away some of the burden when creating expression builders for domain classes. Here’s the expression I’m after: var document = DocumentBuilder.BuildDocument() .AuthoredBy(“Stephen Hawking”) .Titled(“The Universe in […]

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NHibernate 2.1 and Collection Event Listeners

In a previous post, I talked about cascading deletes being a new feature introduced by NHibernate 2.0. If you haven’t heard about this before, then you’d probably be interested to read about it first. Cascading deletes are all great if your database of choice supports CASCADE DELETE foreign key constraints. But what if it doesn’t […]

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Design Documents in CouchDB and Validation

To start off, here are the links to my previous posts about CouchDB: Relaxing on the Couch(DB) Installing the Couch(DB) PUTting the Couch(DB) in Your Living Room GETting Documents From CouchDB DELETE Documents From CouchDB Adding Attachments to a Document in CouchDB Views into CouchDB I briefly mentioned ‘design documents‘ in my previous post as […]

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MOQ Mothers

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Am I the only one who does this? I like to use Object Mothers in my test projects, especially when I have a large number of services or entities I need to feed into the things I am testing. For example, if I have a class I am testing that takes a constructor argument, I […]

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