21 Aug

A Simple WPF Loading Animation

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Okay, so I needed a very simple and clean loading animation for a multi threaded application I was working on to notify the user that something was in the process of being loaded.  So of course the first place I looked was Google, because I figured someone else has already written one and I could save myself some time by just using theirs.  Well, after almost an hour searching, I found nothing.  So much for being a timesaver.  Now, don?t get me wrong, I found a couple of WPF animations out there, but none of them really fit what I needed.  So I just decided to bite the bullet and create my own.  After creating the animation I decided to share the fruits of my labor so that anyone else who is looking for the same thing I was, or something similar, wouldn?t have as much trouble as I did.

Here is what it looks like.


Here is the source: Download the Loading Animation Source

I hope it is useful to someone besides me.

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