Code Cast 30 – Story Teller with Jeremy Miller

The venerable Jeremy Miller joined us to talk about YAIJMOSP (Yet Another Impressive Jeremy Miller Open Source Project). This week?s Jeremy project is Story Teller. Jeremy?s other contributions to the community include StructureMap and an obtuse fascination with separation patterns for user interfaces. Story Teller is an alternative for Fitnesse, implemented in .NET and chases […]

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Agile in the Very Large – Sam Guckenheimer

I am sitting in Sam Guckenheimer’s talk at the Agile 2009 conference entitled, “Agile in the Impossibly Large – Experiences in Microsoft Developer Division.” Sam is effectively the product owner for Team System and an avid Agilista. He has been sharing experiences in Agility from DevDiv for years and freely publishes stats on Microsoft’s teams. […]

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Visual Studio Team System for Small Teams

There was a recent brouhaha on Twitter and in some blogs about the appropriateness of Team System in small teams. The gist of the discussion was simply that there are a lot of alternatives to TFS and VSTS tooling and many of them come cheaper out of the box. In many cases, free! Duh. I […]

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