Welcome Two New Elegant Coders

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I am happy to introduce 2 new Elegant Coders! We are excited to have their contributions to the site and look forward to their wisdom.

Kirstin Juhl


We are excited to have Kirstin drop wisdom like she has been doing on her current blog: I [heart] Code. From her own bio:

I am a former engineer who writes code. I did Toyota Operating System, Kanban, and Lean in my factories a decade ago, and am fascinated by its use in software development today. You can take the girl out of the factory, but you cannot take the engineer out of the girl, and so I approach everything in life as a problem to solved or optimized. Including software development. I strive to be a craftsman.

I am a mom, and I take lessons from parenthood into my work everyday.

Jason Jarrett


Jason is a big-time Silverlight maven and the developer behind StatLight, a set of unit testing tools for Silverlight. I knew he was perfect for the tribe when he said, “… and so I added automocking to Unity for Silverlight.”

Yeah. 🙂

Welcome all.