4 Jan

Pluralcast #5: The Lean Sensei

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While the Elegant Code Cast is alive and well and now hosted by other Elegant Coders, I have been producing a new show for Pluralsight. This show, the Pluralcast is available at http://cast.pluralsight.com.

I will start posting show updates to ElegantCode as well as my Pluralcast blog, because I think the content is something ElegantCode readers will enjoy.

Here is the episode I just posted today.

 Listen to this episode! [51:32]

image31 Ole Dam is a Lean Sensei with a long history of helping organizations of all types implement Lean principles and eliminating waste. He is the owner of the Dana Group, a consulting firm helping organizations implement Lean practices in manufacturing and knowledge worker environments. He also uses Lean to maintain his stock of specialty beer, as you will hear on the show.

From Ole?s resume:

Lean Sensei revitalizing underperforming business units, capturing critical cost savings, and structuring efficient, versatile operations by implementing business-aligned continuous improvement measures across functional areas.

I introduce the idea of Lean and Agile software development to Ole and get his take on what we are doing in the software development industry. While learning a bit about the world of developers, Ole shares his years of wisdom with some really great stories.

You can contact Ole at [email protected] or find him here on LinkedIn.


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